unifi is now available
in more Streamyx areas

Streamyx users can get upgraded to unifi for FREE!


Check your upgrade Status

We’re happy to announce that unifi is available in more Streamyx areas. You could be eligible for a free upgrade to unifi. However, please take note this is dependent on the infrastructure in your area or building. The unifi network is growing every day and we will continue to update you when your unifi is available in your area.

unifi Landed

In unifi landed areas,

You can be upgraded up to

100Mbps for FREE

unifi High Rise

In unifi high rise areas,

You can be upgraded up to

30Mbps for FREE

Broadband (Streamyx)

You can be upgraded up to

8Mbps for FREE

*subject to availability

I’m an existing Streamyx customer


Get the ultimate unifi experience!

Whatever your plan or speed rate, here are the tips on how to ensure
you’re getting the best from your internet!


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